Computer :

The School has made adequate arrangements to provide computer education to students with the help of professionals.

Library :

We have a well equipped library with a complete collection of latest Encyclopedia. Students are encouraged to use the library facility extensively both for free time at school and home reading.

Laboratory :

The School maintains reasonably good laboratories where all possible arrangements are made for the teachers and students to conduct various experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Games and Athletics :

The school provides all possible facilities to the students to develop their skills and talents in Basket Ball, Football, Kabaddy, Kho-Kho and Athletics.

Cultural Activities :

Periodical training, round the year are extended to pupils to promote their aesthetic and effective domains. Speech, Essay Competitions, Debate, Skit, Various forms of dances, music, drawing etc. are some skill areas where the school takes keen interest.

Band Troupe :

The school has a 40 member strong rigorously trained Band Troupe.

Educational Tour :

Every year Xth class students are taken for an exclusive tour for providing exposure to the rich cultural heritage of our country. It is under the supervision of Principal and senior teachers.

School Assembly :

School assembly is the life line of the school. Every class including L.K.G. is given the opportunity to conduct the morning assembly. It gives them the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and self-confidence.